Adlizard Software

AdLizard provides the online ad production solution to fit your needs. We offer both our AdLizard standalone system where you host it in the security of your own servers or our AdLizard Ad Portal were we host it for you.


The Online Ad Building Solution. AdLizard is a complete web-to-print software solution based on InDesign Server. Major publishers around the world rely on AdLizard's power and flexibility to provide online ad creation in high volume. Fast, accurate and reliable, AdLizard software also provides customers with a comprehensive development toolkit for the creation of totally custom web-to-print workflows. If you are looking for ad creation engine without limits, then look no further than AdLizard.

Hosted Option

A full-power, hosted version of the proven original, the AdLizard Online Ad Portal packs all the features and functionality that AdLizard is famous for, with unmatched flexibility and “on demand” performance.

AdLizard SDK

AdLizard's greatest power is its adaptability. The actual deployment of AdLizard can be a totally customized and evolving process. Any interface is possible. Automation can be developed. Total control over the AdLizard database and interface can be achieved using the AdLizard SDK (Software Development Kit). This powerful development solution is sold separately (training included) and exposes the programming hooks used by our own staff in implementing AdLizard features.


InDesign Server

AdLizard harnesses the power of Adobe InDesign Server, the industry standard in publishing automation. InDesign Server brings the performance and stability of a true server solution.
Upload InDesign documents directly into AdLizard and create templates from them within minutes.

Content Auto-sizing

Not sure how much text will go into an ad? Not sure how big that picture box needs to be? Let AdLizard resize your objects to suit, automatically adjusting them to accommodate the content when it arrives.

Module Automation

AdLizard has long been capable of placing internal documents onto base templates to create modular advertising. This process can now be totally automated from within the interface or by AdLizard SDK programmers. Modules can be selected and placed precisely on a template by even the lowest skilled internet users and even rearranged to suit using AdLizard’s “Smart Snap” technology.