Adlizard for Publishers

There are two Critical Business issues for publishing executives. Increase market penetration and reduce ad prep costs. AdLizard provides the tools set that enables the production group to reduce ad prep costs and increase productivity. AdLizard empowers the sales team with more time to sell instead of order fulfilment.

AdLizard provides the online solution to fit your needs. We offer both our AdLizard standalone system where you host it in the security of your own servers or our AdLizard Ad Portal were we host it for you.

Online production vs. Out Sourcing

Many newspapers are now outsourcing their creative services and ad production departments and, as a result, are dramatically reducing their production and pagination costs while shortening turnaround times to a matter of hours. But, too often the savings comes at a cost, typically a reduction in the design quality of the ads and communication errors. This can result in lower sales due to advertiser dissatisfaction and, if the ad runs, decreased response rates which can easily offset the cost savings of outsourcing.

Online ad production on the other hand will reduce ad prep costs in several areas as well as increase in-house productivity. From any web browser, your advertisers select custom designed templates that they can add photos and ad copy. AdLizard provides them with a PDF proof on demand and allows your customer to continue to make changes until the ad is completed and release for publication. Since the advertiser sees a final proof and allowed to make changes, production credits for errors are eliminated. AdLizard is a template based system so you create the template once but your customer can create unlimited ads from a single template.

Newspapers are using online technology to increase their in-house productivity. Imagine your typical full page automotive ad filled with photos and details about each car. Normally it would take a designer 4-5 hours to compile the ad. AdLizard allows you to automate the creation of any ad; simply by uploading a folder with car data and photos the same ad would be completed in less than 4 minutes! Plug in your costs and calculate the savings. Time saved is money saved.

From a sales perspective AdLizard empowers your sales team to spend more time selling than order fulfillment. A recent newspaper survey showed that 60% of the account managers’ time was spent on delivering proofs and collecting copy changes for their customer. Giving customers the ability for online proofing and copy changes; account manager’s can spend that time attracting new advertisers. AdLizard provides the sales team the capability to create quick and effective spec ads for customers on the fly; successfully shortening the sales cycle.

On the surface Out Sourcing may look like the perfect solution. But when you peel back the layers of out sourcing the cost savings are minimal if any. On the other hand online ad production with AdLizard provides immediate cost savings, a better and faster ROI and most important happier advertisers.